Cub Scout Pack 83


Bobcat Badge

 The Bobcat Rank is the first rank that every Cub Scout must earn.  This rank gives a scout the basis of his knowledge about Scouting.   It is a simple rank to earn.  A Scout must learn the Cub Scout Promise, the sign, the salute, and the handshake.  He must also know the The Law of the Pack as well as the meaning of Webelos.  Finally each scout, with his parent/gaurdian must completed a simple excercise entitled "How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse."   Once these tasks are completed a boy has earned his Bobcat Rank.

Tiger Cub Badge

Tiger Cubs is designed for boys in the first grade or age 7.   Tiger Cubs work on achievements with the help of their parent/gaurdian.  These Scout/Parent teams take part in den activities and outings.  At this stage, although their is a Den Leader, their is a shared aspect of leadership among the leader and each of the teams.  Each team should be given the opportunity to help lead at some point during this year.  The rank is earned when the boy completes 15 requirements found in the Tiger Cub Handbook.   At that point the boy can then work on elective opportunities. 

Wolf Scout

Boys who are in the second grade or who are 8 years of age can work towards earning their Wolf Scout Rank.  At this point in Scouts the boy begins to work more independently from his parents.  Although parents can still approve completion of all the achievements their involvement in them is not a neccessity.   The boy must completed 49 of the possible 62 tasks from his Wolf Cub Handbook.  Once those achievements have been completed the boy earns his Wolf Rank.  At that point, as with the other ranks, the Scout can then work on other electives to earn more awards.

Bear Scout

The Bear Rank continues to develop the ideals begun in the Wolf year.   This rank is designed for boys in the third grade or age 9.   At this stage the boy must completed 12 of the 24 achievements available in his Bear Handbook.   Once he has completed those 12, he will earn his Bear Rank.  Again, he can continue to work on electives to earn Arrow Points he can wear on his uniform under his rank insignia.   For the First ten electives the boy completes he earns a gold Arrow Point and every ten after earns him silver Arrow Points.  This also pertains to the Wolf Rank discussed above.

Webelos Scout

Webelos is for boys boys in the fourth and fifth grades or ages 10 to 11.  In previous stages of Cub Scouting most of the boys achievements were signed off by his parent/gaurdian.   At this stage it becomes more of a den centered activity preparing the boy for Boy Scouts.  Most achievements will now be signed off specifically by his Den Leader.  More emphasis will be placed on camping and other outdoor activites.  In the younger dens the outdoor activities have been family centered, but now they begin to become more about the Scout.   Among a handful of other things, the boy must earn three activity badges.   Again, once the boy has completed the requirements to earn  his Webelos rank, he can still complete electives.  The boy is now ready to cross over to a Boy Scout Troop!!!

The Arrow of Light

The Arrow of Light is one of the highest awards any Cub Scout can earn.  Once a Scout earns his Webelos rank if he completes five more activity badges in addition to those already completed he is on his way to earning the Arrow of Light.   The Scout must be active in his den for 6 months, show a knowledge of the requirements to become a Boy Scout, and participate in a Webelos overnight campout or day hike.   Once these tasks have been completed the Scout earns the prestigious Arrow of Light.