Cub Scout Pack 83

Just a quick note to wish everyone a safe summer.  We've got a lot planned for our Pack and there are many other options as well, both in Scouts and out.  No matter what you do make sure to use your heads.  We want everyone to come back to us healthy and well in the fall.  Get out and catch a fish, sleep under the stars, or climb a tower.  Bike down a rocky trail, learn to ski, or discover dinosaurs.....It's all out there to be done!  Remember to STAY HYDRATED, WEAR SUNSCREEN, AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE WEATHER!   Safety should be your first priority, then fun. 
One suggestion for an easy weekend outing is to head to Kearney, Ne.  Doesn't sound like much but you'd be surprised.  You can camp and fish at Fort Kearney State Recreation Area, and visit the site of the actual Fort Kearney (a civil war fort).  Be sure to check out the powder keg, its pretty cool.  For a few bucks you can visit the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument and Museum.  Even if you don't normally like museums you might like this one.  You wear headphones as you tour the displays and it tells the story of settlers on the trail west and a history of travel.  Did I mention it was actually OVER interstate 80?  Peek out a window at cars and trucks as they travel under you at 70 miles per hour.  Its a short hop down the interstate, it gets you out of town for not a lot of money and I promise you'll find fun!
If you need some more ideas on what to do or where to it, give me a shout and I'll point you in the right direction.
Your Cub Master....Mr Tony