Cub Scout Pack 83

Cub Scout Pack 83

Lets Rock...It!

Its that time again....Time to launch some model rockets!  Most of the dens have already completed their construction with only the WEBELOS den still needing to complete their build.  On Thursday April 28th at our Pack Meeting will be launching each dens rockets as the boys chase them across Meadows ball fields.  This has become an annual tradition and the boys absolutely love it!  They debate over which dens rocket soared higher and looked cooler.  Inevitably, some rockets are never recovered....NASA would not be happy....But the boys think its GREAT FUN, and that's what we're all about.  So don't miss this years Annual Rocket Launch.

Congratulations New Boy Scouts!!!

    Just wanted to write a quick note to all our newly crossed over Boy Scouts from Mr. Jason's den.   We are so very proud of you!  You are particularly special to me as you are my first den to cross over since I became Cub Master.  I know that you will all do well no matter what you try or where you go! 
    Also, Mr. Jason, Thank You Very Much for all that you did for those boys and all that you do for the whole Pack.  You will truly be missed but we know that there's one very lucky troop out there to be getting there hands on you! 
    Good Luck to you all and know that we'll always be with you and you will ALWAYS be a part of and have a home with Cub Scout Pack 83!!

Aluminum Can Collections Going Great

     Since we began collecting aluminum cans for the pack we've already collected over 100 pounds of aluminum, well over $50 to add to the Pack budget.  At the moment we get a little over 50 cents per pound of cans we turn in.   These funds will help supplement our Summer Activities program.  Currently our budget looks good, but the more money we have the more activities we can participate in.  More camping and things like that!  Plus, we are considering building a float for the Ralston Independence Day Parade, and this money could help with purchasing materials needed to complete the design Mr Dave has created for us. 
     So keep collecting those cans.  It's great for the Pack, but, MORE IMPORTANTLY,  it's GREAT for the Environment too!  The more we recycle the longer Mother Earth will be here to care for us.  Remember, just bring your cans to any weekly meeting and toss them in the bed of Mr Tony's green crew cab F350.  Smashed is better for storage till we collect enough to make it worth while, but NOT required.
     THANKS AGAIN to all those who have already contributed and lets keep up the good work!

Summers Here!
Lets have some fun!

Boy what a great summer our leadership has got planned for us.  From camp outs with hiking and ghost stories, to fishing, football and baseball.   There are parades to march in and picnics to eat in.  We've got lots of fun in store for us.  Sure another school year has come and gone, but that doesn't mean Scouting has to wait till next year.   The Pack has plenty of activities planned to give ample opportunity for each and every Scout, young and old to have fun and even earn some awards.  Best of all if a Scout participates in enough events, he'll earn the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award.  Who would turn down more bling???  Be sure to check the activities page or with your den leader for an updated schedule for the summer of 2011.

Scouts, don't forget that you can write your own articles for our Pack website.  Anything from a couple paragraphs to a couple pages may be submitted to your Den leader or Mr Tony and they will be edited and posted on our website.  Please submit articles about your Scouting experiences both with the Pack as well as on your own or with your family.   Articles about crafts, outdoor, or even religious activities that might help motivate other Scouts will also be excepted.  Parents, you are more than welcome to submit articles as well, but please be honest and keep your name on it NOT your Scouts...We also have our blog available for communications on each Dens home page.

The sole purpose of Cub Scouting is having FUN!!!!  Any boy between the ages of 7 and 11 can join the Cub Scouts.  The boy will be begin in whatever age category he fits and his first task will be to earn his Bobcat Badge.   From then on he progresses through the ranks as if he had been involved since first grade.